Business Internet

Why Choose KMTS?

As a division of Bell Aliant, KMTS is committed to providing the highest level of service and support across our vast network. Thanks to this relationship, we are now able to offer you the best connectivity solution based on facilities available in Kenora and the surrounding territory. KMTS is an active partner of “Office at the Lake”. In many cases, our KMTS DSL and Broadband Wireless service offer solutions that enable you, the business professional and entrepreneur, to stay connected with your office. We encourage you to spend more time at the lake with family and friends! Our high speed services can help you achieve this. Choose KMTS for:
  • Reliability! KMTS has recently upgraded our outside plant facilities resulting in full redundancy for your DSL connection. In simple terms, this means your business DSL connection with KMTS has multiple gateways to connect you to the outside world using alternate paths should one go down that is outside of our direct control.
  • Support! KMTS is pleased to include 24/7 technical support. All Business Network Plans are carefully monitored locally with emergency service provided by senior level support staff who resides in Kenora for speedy assistance and prompt service, keeping your network connection humming along.
  • Security! All email that passes through our server to reach you is scanned to filter spam and possible virus threats. To protect your online experience, we recommend that you run an up-to-date anti-virus program on your network and or individual PC’s.
  • Extras! There is no extra charge for DSL modems, and line filters, always all-inclusive with KMTS DSL monthly pricing. Our broadband wireless service includes either roof-top dishes or desk radios to connection, based on your proximately to one of our seventeen towers.
  • Custom Designed Ethernet Solutions! Available, tailored to your needs.