Call Answer

Someone is always home to answer your calls.

Call Answer service automatically answers your calls if you are unavailable or if you are already on the phone. Callers hear a personal greeting which you record and are able to leave you a message. Messages are stored for you and may be listened to at your convenience from any push button phone.

To Pick Up Your Messages:

From Your Home Phone:

  • In Kenora Dial 467-2900 (Res) or 467-2901 (Bus)
  • In Keewatin Dial 547-3400 (Res) or 547-3401 (Bus)

Your messages will automatically be relayed to you.

From Another Phone:

  1. Dial 467-2900 (Res) or 467-2901 (Bus).
  2. Enter your mailbox number followed by the #. This is always your telephone number.
  3. Enter your Password, followed by #. For your first time access, this is your own telephone number.

Note: If you are calling from another phone with the Call Answering feature, you must dial the * to allow you to access your mailbox number, otherwise you will be accessing the subscriber’s mailbox.

Please Refer to the Diagram Below:
This quick reference will help you with your mailbox set up.

To change your Password or Personal Greeting, dial 467-2900 (Res) or 467-2901 (Bus) then press 9 for mailbox set up. Choose 1 to change your greeting and 2 to change your Password.

Call Answer


KMTS Customers who subscribe to Call Forward No Answer (i.e. Call Answer).

Residential or Single Line Business Customers now have the option of changing the number of rings before Call Answer transfers your call.

To use this feature:

  • Lift receiver & wait for dialtone
  • Dial *44 from a push button phone (or 1144 from a rotary or digipulse phone)
  • Follow instructions
  • The number of rings can be any number between 1 and 9
  • Norstar customers and Startalk or Flashtalk voicemail systems cannot use this feature

Centrex customers cannot use this feature

For more information, please contact KMTS.