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KMTS Voicemail Announcement

KMTS Introduces New Voice Messaging Service


Dear Customer,

KMTS is making changes to its voice messaging service. Beginning Tuesday October 7, 2014, all voice messaging customers will be upgraded to our new Voicemail system.

After the upgrade, you will have a new mailbox with expanded capabilities and features. You will also be able to manage, access and listen to your messages from any phone or computer anywhere in Canada.

To ensure a smooth transition, we encourage all current subscribers to set-up their new mailbox and password prior to the implementation date indicated above. Details for a quick mailbox set-up and some of the more popular features of the new service are provided below. Just click on the link and follow the instructions (Note: the setup procedure may not be available before September 22nd).

Please note that, as this is a new system with a new access phone number, your current greeting, settings and saved messages in your existing message service will not be transferred to the new system. However, you will still be able to access your existing message service up until Friday, October 31, 2014. From October 7th to the 31st , you will be able to access your existing message service only by dialing (807) 467-2250.

Quick Set-Up Instructions


Setting up Voicemail allows callers to leave a message when you are unable to answer your phone. As part of the set up, you must specify a password that you will use each time you check your messages. You can also record a personal greeting that callers will hear before the system prompts them to leave a message.

Your Bell Aliant Voicemail Access Number is:

  • 1 888 576-0033 (English) • 310-MAIL (6245) (English)
  • 1 888 576-1133 (French) • 310- PSTE ( 7783 ) (French)

All you need to do to get started is dial the access number, then select a password and record your name along with a personal greeting. Here’s how:

  • Enter the temporary password that you’ve been assigned (Note: Your temporary password is the ten digits of your phone number including the area code).
  • Select a permanent confidential password that is 6-15 digits long and enter it.

With the help of Password Check, a security feature, you can ensure that your voice mailbox password will not be easily guessed by others. Just follow these simple rules. Your password cannot:

  1. Begin with 0
  2. Match your telephone number
  3. Be the reverse of your mailbox number
    (e.g. 555 1212 reversed 2121 555)
  4. Be a single repeating digit (e.g. 4444444)
  5. Be a series of consecutive ascending or descending numbers (e.g. 3456789)
  6. Be a series of ascending or descending even or odd numbers (e.g. 24681012)
  • At the next prompt, record your name.
  • Record your busy and no answer greetings, which callers will hear when you are not available. Press # when you are finished, and # again if you are satisfied with your greeting. To re-record, press * , and to replay press 1.
  • That’s all it takes to personalize your Bell Aliant Voicemail service. It is now ready and waiting to answer your calls.

Callers can now leave you messages. If you’re at your desk and there’s a new message, you will see either a message light flashing or a message waiting indicator on your set, or you will hear a stuttered dial tone when you pick up the receiver. You can also check for messages when you’re away from the office.

Here’s how to get caller messages when you’re…

At your own phone:

  • Call Voicemail using your *99 Access Code (where applicable) or press the message button on your phone.
  • Enter your password.

Easy Access and for outside Canada:

  • Dial your phone number, wait for your Personal Greeting, then during your greeting press 5 and enter your password.

At another phone:

Using your Toll Free Access Number anywhere in Canada:

1 888 576-0033 – English
1 888 576-1133 – French

  • Press the # key and enter your 10 digit mailbox number (Note: your mailbox number is your ten digit phone number including area code).
  • Enter your password.

Voicemail lets you hear messages the way you want to hear them. You can control the speed and volume. You can rewind important messages to hear them again. You can pause a message to take a note. And you can fast forward when you are in a rush.

Just press:

  • 1 to rewind by 10 seconds
  • 1 1 to rewind to the beginning
  • 2 to pause and to restart during pause
  • 3 to fast forward 10 seconds
  • 3 3 to fast forward to the end
  • 4 to slow down messages
  • 5 to get envelope information*
  • 6 to speed up messages
  • 8 to return to normal mode
  • 9 to increase volume

In a hurry? Some tips for getting through your messages faster: Just press # to skip a message and listen to it later, or 339 to fast forward to the end and save a message. And you can always speed up a message by pressing 6 .

After you’ve listened

You can do much more than just save or erase a message once you’ve listened to it. Press:

  • 4 to replay
  • 5 to get envelope Information*
  • 6 to send a copy of the message to someone else
  • 7 to erase
  • 8 to send a reply to a message left by another Voicemail user
  • 9 to save
  • 0 for more options

* Envelope information is the date, time and length of the call. It also tells you the phone number of the caller, if the number is displayed.


Changing your greeting

  • From the Main Menu, enter 4 3 1 1 (Busy Greeting), or 4 3 1 2 (No Answer Greeting) and follow the instructions.

Changing your password

  • From the Main Menu, enter 4 2 1 1 and follow the instructions.

Power keys (skip or correct messages)

  •  These convenient controls are always at the ready:
    # key to skip a message
    * key to correct a mistake

Going away? (extended absence greetings)

Voicemail will handle your calls. You can record an extended absence greeting. Unlike your regular greeting, this can’t be skipped over by callers — making sure they know that you’re away. From the Main Menu, just enter:

  • 4 3 2 and record your extended absence greeting
  • Press # if you are satisfied with your greeting
  • Press * if you would like to re-record your greeting
  • Press 1 if you would like to re-play your greeting

Your Bell Aliant Voicemail Access Number is:

1 888 576-0033 (English) • 310-MAIL (6245) (English)
1 888 576-1133 (French) • 310- PSTE ( 7783 ) (French)

Voicemail User Guide

The complete User Guide for your new Voicemail messaging service, including instructions on how to send messages and to set-up Voicemail-to-Email notification, is available to download here > >.

The new Voicemail system is part of KMTS’ on-going efforts to improve our customer experience and we thank you for your continued business. For assistance, please call our customer service at (807) 467-KMTS.

Voicemail on the web

To access your voicemail on the web and to set-up voicemail-to-email, click here.