Call Display

See who is calling before you answer the phone.

Call Display consists of name & number Display services. Name & number Display service and a telephone with a display screen, lets you see the name & number of the caller before you answer the call.

Notes on Display Service:

The caller’s name and number will show on the display screen between the first and second ring. If you have Call Waiting service, you will hear the call waiting tone but the name and number of the waiting call will not show up on the display screen. Call Display works on most KMTS customers direct-dialed calls. If it does not work on a call, a message will appear on the display screen, Unknown Name, Unknown Number.

“Private Number”, “Private Name” on the display screen shows the caller has decided to block the display of their name/number. For help on Call Display please call 467-5687

If you’re concerned about your telephone number (including non-published) being displayed to people you call, please call KMTS Customer Service at 467-KMTS. If outside of Kenora call 1-866-789-KMTS (866-789-5687) to discuss privacy options. Per-Call and Per-Line Blocking are options that are offered free-of-charge.

Call Trace

The Final Answer to harassing callers. With Call Trace you can use your phone to assist in identifying harassing local calls made to your number. By activating Call Trace, the harassing caller’s number is identified and kept on file at KMTS. This information will be provided to the Police only and may prevent a harassing caller from bothering you again.

To have this feature activated, please contact your Police Department and file your complaint.

How To Use Call Trace

After receiving an obscene or harassing call, Hang Up
Pick up receiver
Listen for dial tone
Enter *57 (TouchTone line) or dial 1157 (non TouchTone line)
Listen for confirmation tone, hang up
Call has been traced
Record the date and time trace was activated
Report obscene or harassing call to the Police.
Note: If the call you wish to trace is interrupted by a Call Waiting signal before you activate the trace, the interrupting call is considered the last call and is the one that is traced.

Call Display Blocking

Call Display blocking prevents your phone number from appearing on a display screen.

Per Call Blocking – is automatically available, free of charge, to all single-line Kenora customers. Used on a per call basis, it enables you to prevent your phone number from being displayed at the called location.

Enter *67 (push button phones) or dial 1167 (rotary phones) before making your call.  “Unknown Name, Private Number” will be displayed on the called phone instead of your phone number. When making long distance calls, activate Call Blocking before dialing “1?