Call Waiting

Now you can answer one call and hold another.

While you are on the phone, Call Waiting service will let you know if you have another call. You will hear a soft beep for local calls and a long-short-short- beep for long distance calls. You may choose to answer the new call and put your first caller on hold. If you do not answer, the new caller will hear a ringing signal. If you subscribe to call answer the caller will hear your call answer message.

How to Use Call Waiting

To end the first call before answering the second – Hang up. The phone will ring and you can answer the second call.

To go between calls – Put the first caller on hold, press the link button or the receiver button. You may now speak to the second caller. If you wish to go back to the first caller, put the second caller on hold by again pressing the link button or the receiver button. Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.

To end either of the two calls after answering both – If you have two callers on the line, and one caller is going to hang up, press the receiver button before they hang up if you wish to continue speaking to the remaining caller.

*Note: You may cancel call waiting by pressing *70. When your next call comes, your call waiting will be activated again. You may want to use this feature before accessing the internet to prevent a disruption of your connection.