Three Way Calling

Add a third person to your calls.

Three Way Calling service lets you talk with two other people at the same time.Turn an everyday two-way phone into a three way conversation. It’s easy!

To Add a Third Party

First, to hold your existing call, depress the switchhook/plunger for about a second.
Upon receiving a special dial tone, dial the third number. (Speed calling codes may be used if you also have this feature).

When the third party answers, you may talk privately before completing your three-way connection.

With your third party on the line, depress the switchhook/plunger for a second to add the holding party. Your Three-Way Call is now in effect. If for some reason the call to the third party is not completed, depress the switchhook/plunger twice to get back to your held party.

To Disconnect the Third Party

Depress the switchhook/plunger for about a second. You’ll now have only the original party on the line.
To Disconnect Completely

Simply hang up.

If either of the other two parties hangs up, you can continue to talk to the one remaining.