CDMA & HSPA Difference

  CDMA Network – KMTS Mobility HSPA Network – NorthernTel
Data Speeds Up to 1 Mbps Up to 8 Mbps
Technology Life Cycle Mature. Nearing end of life. Evolving. Wireless providers are heavily investing into this technology as the replacement for CDMA.
Coverage Strong across Canada and North America – Coverage Map Coverage gaps expected in 807 area for 18-24 months relative to CDMA coverage. – Coverage Map
Phones Limited selection in both smartphones and voice phones. Manufacturers (i.e. Blackberry) are launching fewer CDMA-compatible phones as focus has shifted to emerging HSPA technology. Largest selection, including iPhones and new Android phones, capable of video streaming and data-intense applications. Voice phones are still available.
iPhone Compatible No Yes
Wireless Number Portability 1 No (HSPA to CDMA) Yes (CDMA to HSPA)
International Roaming Capability Limited – International Roaming Significantly Improved – International Roaming
SIM Card Does not use SIM card; phone number is programmed directly into phone. Uses removable/transferable SIM card to hold phone number and carrier information. Easily move your phone number between multiple phones.

1 The ability to transfer an existing wireless telephone number assigned by a wireless carrier, and reassign it to another wireless carrier.