KMTS to end ‘wireless devices for purchase’ offers.

Important information about your KMTS wireless services.

Effective March 31,  2015, KMTS will no longer offer wireless devices for purchase or enter into new agreements with customers for KMTS wireless services.

Please note this change will not impact customers’ existing wireless service arrangements with KMTS, all of whom will continue to be supported by KMTS and our KMTS dealers; however, new customers and existing customers requiring new wireless devices will be directed to our sister company NorthernTel, which provides the latest 3G and 4G cellular service (HSPA and LTE) and compatible wireless devices. NorthernTel wireless service is sold and supported by the KMTS dealers in Kenora.

Please call ·1-800-360-8555 with any questions or  contact your KMTS Mobility dealer for more information. You can also visit NorthernTel’s website to get more information about the NorthernTel HSPA/LTE wireless service.

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